The Only Exception
Gabrielle Sloan || Twenty Four || Full Veela

Soon to be Mrs. Liddell
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The Fortitude of Friendship || Past

“Please do so.” It didn’t need to be said, but he felt that he should answer her anyway, simply to show that he was listening rather than drifting off and ignoring her completely. It was a nice change, to finally relax with someone rather than explain, moan, whimper, cry, or even try to kill them for being a foe, an enemy, someone whom he couldn’t trust. Trust had come so easily to him with her, though, and whilst it very well may have been down to her genetics, it was beyond that. An understanding, almost; she could understand and listen from a cleansing ear; one that had not yet been tainted and scarred as Gwen’s now had been. Whilst Gwen would be his extra pair of eyes, Gabrielle would act as his reason; his conscience; his explanation of these manifestations. A beacon, or perhaps a guide. There were several terms for such a connection, truly; it was all, after all, a matter of perspective.

“Filthy,” He said the word softly as he wrinkled his nose. “Honestly, some men can’t… what’s that they say… keep it in their pants? I may not mind nakedness, but I don’t really like the idea of walking about the corridors only to see people sucking the faces off each other whilst showing what nature gave them. There’s a time and a place, and the public eye isn’t one of them thank you very much.” As she spoke on, he could only imagine what it was like for her; to never truly know what a person’s true motive was. He could relate to that a lot, but he at least hoped that she could find a comfort in him somehow. “I’ve never been in love… it seems a bit strange to me. I’m afraid, at times, I simply don’t understand it. Perhaps I never will… though I can say I enjoy a person, at least. Enjoy their company, so to speak.” Speaking turned to silence whilst her legs curled into his own, and for a change he didn’t fight it, he simply embraced for her presence was a comfort within itself; something he desperately needed, even for a moment or two.

“I’ll play one night. I’m surprised you haven’t heard yet. People tend to watch and make their smart remarks… I say smart, but they’re not. Petty, I think, but what can I do? Alas, their loss.” He shrugged his shoulders simply as the two lay together in silence for a moment, and he simply lay still as he allowed it to encase their being. Such a simple thing, silence, though many said it was the music of life. Arms curled around her tighter, pulling her in a little whilst she shuffled closer, and with a soft sigh he finally decided to ask.

“I… could you… er, well, this is your Common Room as much as anybody else’s… surely you can stay? For one night?”

Despite sleep being an inevitable for her that night, she felt as if she could hold on for just a bit longer. When he had asked her to remain there, even with the simple word of please, she couldn’t help but to smile through her relaxed state. Even though she did not know of him well, for if asked she could not say his favorite color, sound, sight or snack she had figured as much for him not to be so very polite with just anyone. All too often, she could relate with him. Whereas he was teased for his mind, his radical way of being ingenious, she was often teased for her nature. Girls were not often friends to her and with boys and men alike, they all only craved her. Yet, she could lie there with her newfound friend and simply be. In a way, it reminded her of Niklaus. For, to him, she was the Only Exception. Many people would mistake those words for love, but Niklaus was a man of self control. Together, they were simply a business match made in heaven. Before she could fall asleep on his chest, she rolled onto her side and pressed her back to his chest. “This may seem rather silly, but would you play with my hair? It’s just— Well, it helps ease me into sleep.”

At his comments on the men in her life, she simply laughed softly. It was often the reaction she’d receive from girls. Though, at times, even she found them to be crude and vile, she simply had a purpose to fulfill. To please men and bring them happiness, it was simply as life should have been. “It doesn’t bother me. We’re all people of needs and wants, some simply differ from those which are normal. I can make people believe in love again, bring someone hope. I am but an actress in their lives. I help them. You may not find it to be anything but sinful, but we all have our own destinies to fill. I was created as a temptation, but I can use it for good. Sure, it brings me trouble and so forth. However, I don’t need to be a Veela to risk my life.” She turned her head to look at him over her shoulder and she smiled. “Love is patient and it is kind. People spend forever looking for it, but stop now. It’ll come to you when you least expect it. Trust me, you’ll know it. It won’t be quiet, it’ll hit you like a bullet in the back.” As his new friend, she leaned up to kiss his cheek before settling in the curve of his body once more.

With his offer to play for her, she closed her eyes once more. Brielle wasn’t the sort of girl to linger around and listen to gossip. When she wasn’t resting, she was constantly on the move. Always her mind was busy learning anything and everything she could about the life she was offered to live. It wasn’t normal for her to be in the know of those around her, but she’d make a point to pay more mind to that of her Alexander. When he spoke lastly on her staying, she reached for his hand and wove it around to her chest where she placed his hand over her heart.

"Worry not. I shan’t leave you."